greenkey_rgb_small Riad guest house in Marrakech, Al Mendili, apply for several years to implement a comprehensive approach to the environment. Thus, as part of efforts to minimize the impact of its activities, an appropriate environmental policy has been in place for a sustainable use of resources, backed by a social policy rewarding the hard work and dedication of its staff.

This involvement had led since 2010 by obtaining the Green Key Certification awarded annually by the Mohamed VI Foundation for the environment to the respectful tourist establishments who have decided to protect the environment.

In this sense green environment, the guest house Al Mendili will :

  • Inform owners, employees and customers of the impacts of their activities on the environment of the guest house in Marrakesh.
  • Educate employees and customers to the role they can play to preserve the environment and encourage them to act within the Riad and beyond.
  • Daily action to limit consumption of water, energy and environmental impact of Al Mendili, guest house in Marrakesh ; use local organic products when they are available and never consciously use of GMOs.
  • Develop procedures for environmental policy both in terms of objectives and means.


Al Mendili, guest house in Marrakesh is proud to share with its customers the means implemented through this policy.